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Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale Prod. line
1 20 April 21, 2013 November 17, 2013 1xx
2 28 February 23, 2014 TBA 2xx


Season 1 : 2013

Series # Season # Title Original Air Date Prod. Code
1 1 "The guilty who is not guilty" April 21, 2013 101

Jessie is recently Zuri, Emma, Ravi and Luke's nanny so when jewelries are stolen in the house of Ross, she is accused...

Note: This is the pilot.

2 2 "New friends and new damage" April 28, 2013 102

Luke created a new machine to make milk shake on demand. At first the machine works very well, but when it starts to do anything, he has to manage the damage with Ravi. Meanwhile, Jessie helps Emma to make a new school friend, but she accidently ridicules her. Finally, Zuri and Bertram are arguing for the TV remote because Bertram wants to watch his butler show and Zuri her poney show.

3 3 "Enemy brothers" May 5, 2013 103

Ravi showed up at the class representative election and is confident of winning. But when Luke comes with cool ideas while Ravi has studious and luminous ideas, he loses. Ravi, very upset, decides to deny his brother and Jessie tries to fix the situation. Meanwhile, upset by a criticism of a boy in her class on her look, Emma decides to stop standing in the fashion. Zuri and Bertram try to prove her that her new look is zero.

4 4 "Steal my crush away" May 12, 2013 106

Jessie's best friend, Darla, visits her. Soon she met Tony, the doorman of the building. And when Jessie realizes that Darla begins to fall in love with Tony, she's jealous. Emma and Zuri try to make her realize she loves Tony and that Tony and Darla will date together. With the help of Ravi, Luke and Bertram, they sabotage the appointement of Tony and Darla and she leaves New York.

Note: it's the first episode of Tony, the doorman.

5 5 "Fake jobs day" May 26, 2013 105

This is the carrer day and Zuri must present a job. Her parents are very busy and Bertram doesn't want to give an exemple at all the kids. So, Zuri has to choose Jessie. But to impress her classmate, she asks Jessie to say she is a famous writer. But Jessie is in trouble when the teacher asks her a lot of professional questions. Meanwhile, Ravi volunteered to babysit a scout camp but as Bertram is frightened by all this kids, Luke behaves immature and make the kids scared.

6 6 "See the light in the darkness" June 16, 2013 104

By pressing a button, Jessie cuts accidently the generator system of the house. And trying to play the electrician, she cuts all the generator system of New York City ! This is the panic : Zuri is scared because she is afraid of the dark, Luke breaks all the house's trinkets and there are strange noises.

7 7 "Jessie's big comedy" June 23, 2013 107

Jessie was part of a drama club but the day of the performance, Zuri takes her text instead of taking the poem she's done for her class. Meanwhile, Luke and Ravi try to enter in the house because Bertram locked them out.

Note: Peyton Roi List II is not for this episode.

8 8 "Sun looks like a yellow moon" June 30, 2013 108

Luke must make a science project on the planets but as Jessie begs him to to his job, he spends his time watching TV and hanging out with friends. To avoid the wrong note to Luke, Jessie decides to do the job to his place, even though she knows nothing about Astronomy. Ravi, meanwhile, give Zuri and Emma to keep M. Kipling, but they use him to feed Zuri's website on animals, which has the gift to make Ravi angry.

9 9 "Smash it on a date" July 7, 2013 110

Ravi is brutalized by a fellow in the school. Luke and Zuri want to help him to litteraly ridicules this gross. Luke advises him to be violent, meanwhile Zuri says him to be subtle and to take him like a traitor. But Ravi doesn't want to be bad and try to be nice with the gross. Meanwhile, Jessie is stressed because it will be her first date with Tony : she does everything wrong and Tony think she doesn't love him. Finally, Emma strenght Bertram to date with Mrs Chesterfield because she wants him to find love. But the date is a disaster.

10 10 "A little summer song" July 14, 2013 111

It's summer holidays. Jessie wants to write a song for Tony because she wants to apologize for her behavior on their last date. But the kids constantly keep focus because Zuri built a beach in the living room of the house, that Luke skates everywhere without permission and Emma try a variety of clothes. Jessie found the silence in Ravi's room, and she finally decides to write a song to the kids.

11 11 "We must save fashion" July 28, 2013 109

When Emma learns her favourite fashion designer is about to end his career, she asks Jessie to take her to the Fashion Convention to go to meet Napoleon Fontaine and convince him to continue his career. But Jessie and Emma aren't admitted to the convention and pretend to be personal assistants of Napoleon Fontaine... Meanwhile, after a bad joke of Luke, Zuri wants to take her revenge so she invites Creepy Connie to spend the afternoon at Ross. But it turns out she's in love with Ravi and she pursued him. Finally, Emma managed to save Napoleon Fontaine's career and became famous.

Note: Creepy Connie is in this episode.

12 12 "A summer camp story" August 11, 2013 112

Luke hears a conversation between Jessie and Christina and think they will send him to a summer camp. It therefore decided to behave good and be nice with his other brothers and sisters to make them change their minds. But Emma and Bertram heard the same conversation and want Luke to leave the house so they stage nonsense actions to accuse Luke. Zuri helps Ravi to have all the qualities to be a good scout, but it is proving more difficult than expected because he's very fearful. At the end, Jessie reveals that she and Christina weren't talking about summer camp, but about a karate club.

Note: Christina Ross appears in this episode.

13 13 "The right mind" August 25, 2013 113

Zuri begs Jessie to have her own sleepover, but Jessie doesn't want to because she is afraid of disorder. But Ravi is currently reading a grimoire of white magic, so Zuri asks him help for her sleepover : he transforms Jessie's spirit and she goes to an adult mind to a little girl mind. The sleepover is going fine, except that after 22 hours, Jessie will keep her little girl mind forever ! To scare the girls, Luke fills the house of plastic spiders. Ravi doesn't find the sort to turn of the spell effect and fear that Jessie never finds the right mind. But in reality, all engineered and Jessie has never been possessed.

Note: Peyton Roi II List is not in this episode.

14 14 "There's no need to run the marathon" September 15, 2013 114

Jessie, finding that Emma doesn't do enough sport, inscribes her in a footing club in Central Park. Annoyed by this proposal to the sport, decided to run the marathon of Central Park with Jessie. At first, Jessie doesn't want but when she learns Tony is involved to, she changes her mind. Meanwhile, Bertram tests his new machine to mix the cheese and when they see it, Zuri and Luke fun to mix anything with the machine, and Ravi tries to dissuade them. Finally, Jessie ridicules her once again to Tony while she ran the marathon.

Note : Tony is in this episode.

15 15 "Dreamt life" September 22, 2013 118

Jessie has the blues : she is afraid of being a nanny forever. She then falls asleep on the sofa, and she dreams that her life takes a brand new turn : by posting a video of a song on Internet, it becomes a hit and she becomes one of the most famous girls of the moment. She's finally been in couple with Tony, who is madly in love with her, and instead she takes care about kids, kids take care about her. She has thousands of products bearing his image, this is a real star. But when in her dream she has to leave the kids, she decides to give up her career. So she realizes how she love Zuri, Emma, Ravi and Luke.

16 16 "This little girl got talent" September 29, 2013 115

Jessie sets out to find Zuri's hidden talent and she makes her singing, dancing, poetry, politics and even wrestle tests ! But these tests do not lead to anything and Jessie begins to believe Zuri hasn't got any talent. Meanwhile, Emma and Luke are trying to recreate India's universe and Bertram reproduces Indian dishes because Ravi's actually the homesick. Finally, at the theatrical representation of Zuri's school, Jessie discovers that Zuri's got an incroyable talent for acting.

Note: This episode was made for "Amercica's got talent".

17 17 "A monster in the house" October 6, 2013 120

Bertram had enough that the kids never respect the rules of cleanliness, and to take his revenge, he decides to lie about the existence of a monster from an other so far unknown planet. But when it turns Creepy Connie decided to visit Ravi, disguised in a "space zombie", everyone's scared...

Note: It's an Halloween special episode.

18 18 "Even cars suffer" October 20, 2013 117

Jessie is anxious because she has to pass her driving test. Emma helps her to prepare the test by making happen for the car teacher. Meanwhile, tired by Luke's jokes who mock of his culture, he creates a "voodoo car", which means that Luke will endure everything will endure the car. But when Zuri accidently breaks the car and Bertram wants to throw it out, Ravi has to stop the car effect. When Jessie comes to her driving test, she realizes she isn't on a real road, and she is hard to concentrate when she learns the teacher is Tony !

19 19 "Welcome at the amazing A.N.T Farm" November 3, 2013 116

When Morgan and Christina Ross have to travel to San Francisco to act a brand new film, they decides to bring Zuri, Emma, Ravi, Luke and Jessie with them. But the movie producer doesn't want kids on the shooting, so Morgan take them to spend the day at a famous school, A.N.T Farm. Zuri become friend with Violet and they always prank Fletcher, Emma meets Lexi and they share their fashion experiences, Ravi and Luke notice that Creepy Connie has a twin sister, Olive, who is scary too. Finally, Jessie agrees to write a song with Chyna and they make a concert at the high school.

Note: Starring Chyna Ann Mcclain, Sierra McCormick, Jake Short, Stefanie Scott, Claire Engler, Christina Moore and Charles Esten. It's a crossover with A.N.T Farm.

20 20 "Past and future" November 17, 2013 119

Jessie imagines kids life earlier and later her advent : in the past, Zuri was an selfish little girl, who always think about her and her dolls ; Emma was considerate like a silly girl who loves fashion only and hates Luke ; Ravi was a boy still preoccupate about his indian family, with the homesick ; and Luke was a pork (and it's always the same) who thought he was born on Krypton. On future, Zuri will be a good friend and an altruistic girl, who will have the heart on her hand ; Emma will be an sensitive girl who will have a simple life style ; Ravi will be a happy american patriotic boy ; and Luke will be a clean and psycho boy !

Note: This is the season finale.

Season 2 : 2014Edit

Shakeitfarm renewed Jessie for a second season will be premiere in Febuary 2014.

Series # Season # Title Original Air Date Prod. Code
21 1 "Nannyman" February 23, 2014 204

After Luke thinks he saved Jessie's life, he begins to have superhero manias and wears a costume all the long. Because of his attitude, Luke becomes the worst boy of his school, and Ravi & Emma try to make him out of his dreams. Meanwhile, Jessie has a big trouble with Zuri : she doesn't want to talk to anybody. She tries to know why and she discovers it's because Bertram is sick and he can't do pancakes. Finally, Luke realizes he's ridiculous when he learns that Ravi's more popular than him.

Note: It's Jessie's season 2 premiere.

22 2 "The best fake smile" March 2, 2014 202
Emma is in a panic : the class photo is soon ! She is so obsessed by her appearance that she becomes nasty with her entourage. Luke doesn't like it and makes a plan to get Emma horrible at the class photo. But the traps fall on Jessie. Bertram is all of a sudden interested by the kids. Ravi wants to understand why he's so nice with him for a class project. The eve of the class photo day : Emma is anxious and wants to go to school with a night dress. But Jessie forbids this dress to Emma. Zuri benefits of Bertram's generosity meanwhile Ravi discovers Bertram has stolen a lot of things in the house and organizes a hidden judgement. Finally, Jessie allows Emma to go to school with her dress and she punishes Luke for the traps who's make her clothes dirty.
23 3 "Zuri 1, Jessie 0" March 16, 2014 201

Jessie has noticed that Zuri is closer of Tony, because Tony can't spent his time with her ; so she begins to be jealous. Luke has a dance competition and asks to Bertram to sponsor him, because Jessie is "out of all the dance moves". But Bertram is irresponsable and make him ridiculous during Luke's competition. Emma realizes that Jessie is jealous of Zuri, a eight years girl, and she has fun to spy her with Ravi. And they discover why Tony and Zuri are everytime together : they prepare a surprise for Jessie's birthday. 

Note: It's the first season 2 's episode with Tony.

24 4 "Live in a psycho world" April 6, 2014 203
When Ravi is becoming crazy with M. Kipling and forbids him all the activities, Jessie tries to make him realize he is psycho and seeks advice to Bertram. Emma thinks she's became an amazing star and decides to take a bodyguard. She is the most popular girl in the school and because of her, Luke is abandoned by his friends. Jessie discovers that Ravi is worried about M. Kipling because he is more distant with him and he wants to keep him with him. Finally, Zuri locks constantly her dollhouse, because she thinks her imaginary friend steals some dolls.
25 5 "Ravi Gaga" April 13, 2014 213

Emma, Luke and Zuri are fed up with Ravi because he always make fall down their pranks. They ask him to became crazier and funnier. Hurt by these accusations, Ravi decides to change completely : he begins to be aggressive, prankster and he has troubles at school. Jessie is intrigued by this behavior, but Emma distracts her and convinces her to have a massage. Zuri and Luke love the new Ravi, and he becames more popular. But he realizes he's on the bad way and tries to go back and repair his errors. Jessie is aware of Ravi's behavior so she congratulates him to have realized his mistakes and punishes Zuri, Emma and Ravi.

26 6 "If you wanna be a singer" April 20, 2014 212

Jessie is upset when Emma challenges her singer talents and decides to organize a singing battle. But during the coaching, Emma realizes she has an horrible voice and with Zuri's help, she tries to cheat. Luke and Ravi support Jessie but she has a problem : the song that she wrote for the battle disappears, and she can't sing an other song of an other singer, because she's reached by the "unconscious imitation" syndrome. Finally, Emma & Jessie both playback both, so Luke, Ravi and Zuri report them losers.

Note: Bertram is not in this episode.

27 7 "Girl vs Luke" May 4, 2014 205

Brian is a new pupil in Emma, Luke and Ravi's school. Luke noticed he's a little aggressive and tends to do too much. But he rapidly discovers that Brian is Brianna, so she's a girl. And when he gently pokes fun of her, she promises a revenge. Even he makes Emma and Ravi believe he's a man who fears nothing, he is scared. Jessie tries to get Tony jealous with an other man, but Zuri reveals the hoax to Tony. Meanwhile, Luke is constantly ridiculed by Brianna, and quickly becomes the laughingstock of his school, to the dismay of Emma & Ravi. Finally, Jessie has got a new date with Tony (thanks Zuri) and Luke realizes that Brianna was bad with him because she is in love for him.

Note: Bertram is not in this episode.

28 8 "Better to be alone than in bad company" May 11, 2014 206

Luke is stressed because it will be his first date with Brianna. Jessie tries to give him some advices, but he doesn't listen to. But after the meeting, when Luke realizes that Brianna is unbearable, he doesn't know how to break up with her. Zuri must reject the advances of a classmate, Zak. Emma tries to convince Jessie to have an all new date with Tony and Ravi does the same with Tony. Finally, Luke learns that Brianna wants to break up with him too and Jessie & Tony will have a new date.

Note: Tony is in this episode.

29 9 "Pretty Mommy" May 25, 2014 207
30 10 "MEmmary" June 1, 2014 208
31 11 "The other sides of Zuri" June 15, 2014 211

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